Period 19. 1 - 9 Oct 1923
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Table of values from second OPD.
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Printed Matter / Drucksache.

Rate:Porto:- 400 Tausend Marks.


OPD Hamburg - Osnabrück Drucksache dated 6.10.23. Correct MeF Mi 289b.


OPD Hamburg - Leipzig Drucksache dated 6.10.23. First stamp has known Plattenfehler on the first stamp namely the cut/ flattened top of numeral "0". This was sometimes done during the cliche plate set up prior to printing.

Local Postcard/ Ortspostkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 400 Tausend Marks.


OPD Breslau local card dated 3.10.23. MEF Mi 289b applied but using rate for distance postcard and not the local rate. Card is unusually overfranked by 100% of the needed rate.

Distance Postcard / Fernpostkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 800 Tausend Marks.


OPD Königsberg - Allenstein dated 9.10.23. last day of rate. Correct EF Mi 303.


Marienwerder, OPD Königsberg - Littschen dated 9.10.23. last day of rate. Correct EF Mi. 305


OPD Leipzig - Magdeburg card dated 9.10.23. last day of rate with machine cancel and light blue hand cancelled "x" applied to prevent re-use of EF Mi 303 as the machine cancel did not clearly cancel the stamp.


OPD Münster - Paderborn postcard dated 2.10.23. Correct EF Mi. 305 applied.


Gross-Plauth, OPD Königsberg -Leipzig. Dated 2.10.23. The pair of Mi 293 have distinctive missing obliterating bars. Correct MiF made up with thre copies of Mi. 289b.

Foreign Postcard / Ausland Postkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 3,6 Millionen Marks.


OPD Hamburg - Zurich, Switzerland dated 1.10.23. First day of rate and first day of issue for the pair of Mi 303. Correct MiF with additional Mi 310 applied.

Local Letter / Ortsbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 800 Tausend Marks.


OPD Hamburg official cover dated 2.10.23. with correct scarce EF Mi. 303. Although official mails were meant to use official stamps when stocks were not available normal postage stamps could be applied. Such use on official mail is not common. Purple cancel refers to, "Reichsentschädigungamt für Kriegsschäden",Department for reparation to the war wounded.


OPD Hamburg local letter dated 9.10.23. last day of rate. Correct EF Mi. 305 applied.

It is worth noting that the same cliche plate was used on both of the 800 Tausend values.


OPD Münster local letter dated 8.10.23. with correct EF Mi. 305 applied.

Local registered Letter/ Einschreibenortsbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 2,8 Million Marks.


OPD Hamburg, local sent registered and dated 9.10.23. last day of rate. Correct MiF applied. Only the 800 Tausend Marks, Mi 305 is an OPD issued stamp.

Distance Letter / Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 2 Millionen Marks.


Königs-Wusterhausen, OPD Stettin - Potsdam dated 8.10.23. Correct MEF Mi.292 applied.


OPD Königsberg, Wormditt- Berlin dated 9.10.23. last day of rate on re-used commercial cover.Correct MEF Mi.293


OPD Stuttgart, Mengen - Stuttgart correct MEF Mi.294 dated 9.10.23. Last day of rate.


OPD Frankfurt - Wetzlar dated 6.10.23. Correct MEF Mi.296

2nd weight/ 2. Gewicht (21-100g)
Rate:Porto:- 2,8 Million Marks.


OPD Münster- Berlin second weight letter dated 9.10.23. last day of rate. Correct MiF with Mi 305 + 310 applied.

Registered 2nd Weight/ Einschreiben 2.Gewicht
Rate:Porto:- 4,8 Millionen Marks.

Letter Fee/Fernbrief :- 2,8 Millionen Marks.
Reg'Fee./ Einschreiben:- 2 Millionen Marks.


OPD Hamburg - Herford 2nd weight registered dated 6.10.23. Correct MiF applied with pair Mi.310 and single Mi 305. Reverse bears arrival cncel dated 7.10.23.

Parcelcard / Paketkarte.

Zone A under 75Km / bis 75Km.
Weight / Gewicht 8Kg

Rate:Porto:- 10 Millionen Marks.


OPD Erfurt- Volkerhausen-Eisenach parcelcard dated 5.10.23. Correct MeF with 40 copies of Mi.292 applied. Such mass frankings on parcels are scarce.

Foreign Letter / Auslandbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 6 Millionen Marks.


OPD Leipzig - Gossau, Switzerland first day of rate, 1.10.23.Arrival cancel on reverse dated 2.10.23. Correct mass franking of Mi.296 applied. Cover is very unusual in that only some of the stamps from the sheet have perfin initials ,"V F".

Foreign special rate/ Ausland Sonderporto.
Rate;Porto:- 4,5 Million Marks


Foreign letter sent to Czechoslovakia from OPD Hamburg, dated 2 Oct 1923. Correct rate of 4,5 Million Marks. Normal rate for foreign mail at this time was 6 Million Marks.

One simple way to check if a sonderporto rate is correct is to know that Sonderporto was always calculated as being 75% of the normal foreign letter rate. However extra fees such as registered mail would have been charged at the full rate.

Pencil notation says ," 2 Millionen abgefallen" which translates as 2 Million stamp fell off. This is not true and the owner at the time did not recognize that a special rate applied.