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Table of values from first OPD.
Table of values from second OPD.
Rates Table / Post Tarife
Period 18. 20 - 30 Sep 1923
Period 19. 1 - 9 Oct 1923
Period 20. 10 - 19 Oct 1923
Period 21. 20 - 31 Oct 1923
Period 22. 1 - 4 Nov 1923
Period 23. 5 - 11 Nov 1923
Period 24. 12 - 19 Nov 1923
Period 25. 20.- 25 Nov 1923
Period 26. 26 - 30 Nov 1923
Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
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Distance Postcard / Fernpostkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 2 Million Marks.


Laubus-Esbach, OPD Frankfurt-Bremen dated 11.10.23. Correct MEF and late usage of Michel 293.


Uncommon double use of a "Bücher Zettel" (book order) showing two different rates usages in two different postal periods. Originally sent from Cöln - Leipzig on 9.10.23. franked with four non OPD 100 Tausend Mark stamps to meet the correct printed matter rate for the period 1-9 October 1923. The restriction on book order cards sent as printed matter cards having no more than five words did not apply. The addressee then replied using the same card dated 11.10.23. from OPD Leipzig - Cöln. Franked with EF Michel 310 correct rate now for a distance postcard.


Weimar, OPD Erfurt - Eisenach Dienst (official) card dated 10.10.23. first day of rate. Although official mail had their own "Dienst stamps" if they had run out normal stamps could be used. Correct MEF Michel 292 applied with one stamp having the Plattenfehler, "22 for 21" obliterating bars.

Local Letter / Ortsbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 2 Million Marks.


OPD Hamburg commercial local letter dated 11.10.23. Correct MiF with Mi.289b(4) + 305(2).

Registered Local Letter / Einschrieben Ortsbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 7 Million Marks.

Letter/Brief: 2 Million Marks.
Reg'Fee/Ein': 5 Million Marks.


OPD Leipzig local letter dated 10.10.23. first day of rate and also first day of issue for the 1 Million Rosette design stamp. Correct MiF.

Distance Letter / Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 5 Million Marks.


Oesede, OPD Hannover - Iburg first day of rate cancel 10.10.23. Correct MEF Michel 292 with two stamps having distinctive plateflaws. Lower right on front has last obliterating bar bent. On reverse fourth stamp, top row has last bar missing. These flaws only occur on some sheets.


Langenweddingen, OPD Leipzig -Schönebeck dated 13.10.23. Correct MEf Michel 293. Second to last stamp bottom row has the Plattenfehler "22 for 21" obliterating bars.


Braunschweig, OPD Stettin - Berlin dated 12/10.23. Several stamps have damaged or missing lower obliterating bars which for this issue are distintive for OPD Stettin. Late usage of Michel 293 and correct MEF applied.


Wurzbach, OPD Erfurt - Schauberg 10.10.23. first day of rate with very scarce purple coloured cancel. Correct MiF with Michel 305 being the only OPD issued stamp.


OPD Hamburg- Friedrichstadt commercial letter dated 13.10.23.. Correct MEF Michel 296 with one stamp on front being with Plattenfehler, "22 for 21" obliterating bars. Franking on reverse has emergency roller cancel. Used to cancel stamps not cancelled at the main post office to prevent reuse.


OPD Hamburg - Malgarten dated 19.10.23. last day of rate. Rate was correctly made up with very late use of the "large numeral" 100 Tausend series. With lower stamp of the piar having the Plattenfehler, "bulge in figure 1". Remainder of franking shows Michel 305 and a 4 Million Marks Rosette design stamp.The latter is not recorded as being used until one day later on 20 October. The time indicator on the cancel "8-9N" indicates that the cover was canceled between 8 and 9 in the evening. Therefore although new stocks of the 4 Million Rosette stamp would have been held in stock ready for the next days rate increase for local letters it should not have been used one day before official issue.

Registered Express Distance Letter/

Einschreiben Eilfernbrief.

Rate:Porto:-20 Million Marks.

Letter/Brief: 5 Million Marks.
Reg'Fee/Ein': 5 Million Marks.
Express/Eil':10 Million Marks.


Sonneberg, OPD Erfurt- Cahrlottenburg a sub district of Berlin commercial cover from the puppet maker G. Spindler dated 17.10.23. with next day arrival cancel.Correct MEF Michel 310 applied.

By mid October 1923 only the 2 Million stamp from the first OPD issues had any real postal value as the new Rosette design stamps with values in Millions of Marks were widely distributed by the Reichsdruckerei in Berlin.

Registered Distance Letter/
Einschreiben Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 10 Million Marks.


OPD Stettin -Coburg 10.10.23. first day of rate registered letter. Correct MEF Mi.296(40) with two examples having the Plaettenfehler,"22 for 21" obliterating bars. Such mass frankings of his stamp are scarce.

Distance Insured Letter / Fern Wertbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 11 Million Marks.

Letter/Brief: 5 Million Marks.
Reg'Fee/Ein': 5 Million Marks.
Declared Value/Wert. 1 Million Marks.


Marienburg, OPD Königsberg - Halle commercial insured letter to the value of 50 Million Marks dated 11.10.23. Reverse bears arrival cancel and wax seals as Wertbrief had the contents inspected and then sealed before posting. Correct rate applied with MiF Michel 293(4)+310(5).

Distance Letter / Fernbrief.

3rd weight/3.Gewicht 100-250g
Rate:Porto:- 8 Millionen Marks.


Drugehenen,OPD Königsberg - Berlin dated 13.10.23. Correct rate with MEF Mi.303. This is only the third example of a MEF I know of which exists.


OPD Hamburg commercial cover - Berlin dated 13.10.23. Correct and scarce MEF Mi.305 applied.

Registered Distance Letter / Einschreibenfernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 10 Millionen Marks.

Letter/Brief: 5 Millionen Marks.
Reg'Fee/Ein': 5 Millionen Marks.

OPD Münster- Hamburg dated 17.10.23. Front bears Mi.310 and reverse includes ten copies of Mi.305 with one stamp having the top margin attached which is scarce due to the top margins usually being removed before being applied on letters.

Foreign Letter / Auslandbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 15 Million Marks.


OPD Hamburg - Middelsborough, GB dated 15.10.23. Correct MiF with MiNr. 292(4)+310(2)+317P(2)

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