Period 25. 20.- 25 Nov 1923
Exhibition / Ausstellung. Hannover HABRIA Nov. 2011
Habria Exhibition Version 2
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Table of values from first OPD.
Table of values from second OPD.
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Period 18. 20 - 30 Sep 1923
Period 19. 1 - 9 Oct 1923
Period 20. 10 - 19 Oct 1923
Period 21. 20 - 31 Oct 1923
Period 22. 1 - 4 Nov 1923
Period 23. 5 - 11 Nov 1923
Period 24. 12 - 19 Nov 1923
Period 25. 20.- 25 Nov 1923
Period 26. 26 - 30 Nov 1923
Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
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Printed Matter / Drucksache.

Rate/Porto:- 4 Milliarden Marks.


Augsburg, OPD München - Fulda dated 22.11.23. Correct rate and MEF of Mi 331b. Unusual in that the cancel is of the type not often used in the Bavarian areas.

Foreign Printed Matter / Ausland Drucksache.

Rate:Porto:- 16 Milliarden Marks.


Aschaffenburg, OPD Stuttgart - La Louviere, France printed matter card. Dated 24.11.23. Correct rate applied with MiF Michel 334A,335A and 325. The latter being non OPD issue.

C.O.D. with repeat delivery fee / Nachname mit Zweitezustell.

Rate/Porto:- 24 Milliarden Marks.

Printed Matter/Drucksache 4 Milliarden Marks
C.O.D./Nachname Fee:10 Milliarden Marks
Repeat Delivery/Zweite zustell: 10 Milliarden Marks


Cash on delivery ,(nachname) printed matter card sent from OPD München - Karlsruhe on 20 Nov 1923, first day of rate. Initially franked with 20 Milliarden Marks which overpaid the fee due by 6 Milliarden Marks.Arrival cancel from Karlsruhe seen dated 21 Nov 1923. Addressee could not pay the required amount due immediately on the day of delivery, and requested a delay and a second delivery to be made. The delay was authorised for a period of one week. All C.O.D. with a delay request had a set fee charged which was payable in stamps. This is shown by the single stamp to the left canceled Karlsruhe 22 November.10 Milliarden was the correct delayed delivery fee. Hand written 29/11 in blue denotes that the card was successfully delivered and the cash due collected one week after the first attempt. Examples of repeat delivery are extremely scarce.

Distance Postcard / Fernpostkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 10 Milliarden Marks.


Osterburg, OPD Erfurt - Spandau-Sternfeld distance card dated 25.11.23.Last day of rate. Correct rate using MEF Michel 334A with lilac boxed arrival company cancel.


OPD Erfurt- Hamburg distance card posted 24.11.23. Correct rate with MEF 334B. The B denotes rouletted perfs. Examples with rouletted perfs are scarce because they were difficult to separate from the sheets and were printed in lower numbers .


Halberstadt, OPD Erfurt -Gandersheim card dated 24.11.23. Stamp has the PE 1 Plateflaw.Correct rate franked with EF Michel 335 P


Lautligen, OPD Stuttgart - Stuttgart distance card with scarce Wurtt Bahnpost (railway) cancel) . Franked with EF Michel 335B dated 24.11.23.

Local letter / Ortsbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 10 Milliarden Marks.


OPD Breslau Ortsbrief dated 20.11.23. first day of rate. Franked MEF Michel 334A


OPD München Ortsbrief dated 21.11.23. EF Michel 335A Wa is from postion 23 within the sheet. This is determined by the plattenfehler(plateflaw) "damaged figure 1 and broken letters of Miliarden". Machine slogan cancel advertises "Benutze die Luftpost" (use the airmail post)


OPD Frankfurt local letter first day of rate cancel 20.11.23. scarce correct rate with EF Michel 337.


OPD Hamburg commercial local letter dated 23.11.23. EF Michel 336A Wa


OPD Münster Commercial bank local letter dated 20.11.23. first day of rate. Franked with EF 336B.

Distance Letter / Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 20 Milliarden Marks


OPD Breslau-Magdeburg commercial letter dated 22.11.23. MEF Michel 336B.

Registered Distance Letter/Einschreiben Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 40 Milliarden Marks.

Letter Fee: 20 Milliarden Marks.
Reg'Fee : 20 Milliarden Marks.


Heidenheim, OPD Stuttgart correctly rated MEF Michel 335 P dated 24.11.23. with Neustadt arrival cancel on reverse.


OPD Stettin- Schlüchtern commercial registered letter dated 20.11.23. first day of rate. Arrival cancel on reverse. Franked with MEF 336 Wa.


Görlitz, OPD Breslau commercial registered cover dated 24.11.23. with Lautern arrival cancel on reverse. Correct rate with MEF Michel 337.

Express Registered Distance Letter/ Eileinschreiben Fernbrief

Rate:Porto:- 80 MIlliarden Marks.

Letter Fee : 20 Milliarden Marks.
Express Fee :40 Milliarden Marks.
Reg' Fee : 20 Milliarden Marks.


Schömberg, OPD Stuttgart - express registered letter dated 22.11.23. Correct rate with MEF Michel 335 P and Berlin arrival cancel 23.11.23. on reverse.


Wesel, OPD Münster - Berlin commercial express registered letter dated 22.11.23. Correct rate with MEF 336B and Berlin arrival cancel on reverse dated 23.11.23.

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