Period 24. 12 - 19 Nov 1923
Exhibition / Ausstellung. Hannover HABRIA Nov. 2011
Habria Exhibition Version 2
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Table of values from first OPD.
Table of values from second OPD.
Rates Table / Post Tarife
Period 18. 20 - 30 Sep 1923
Period 19. 1 - 9 Oct 1923
Period 20. 10 - 19 Oct 1923
Period 21. 20 - 31 Oct 1923
Period 22. 1 - 4 Nov 1923
Period 23. 5 - 11 Nov 1923
Period 24. 12 - 19 Nov 1923
Period 25. 20.- 25 Nov 1923
Period 26. 26 - 30 Nov 1923
Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
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C.O.D.Printed Matter / Nachname Drucksache.

Rate:Porto:- 7 Milliarden Marks.

Printed Matter/Drucksache: 2 Milliarden Marks
C.O.D.Fee/Nachname: 5 Milliarden Marks.


Commercial card from Augsburg, OPD München - Mettmann franked initially with pair of Mi 331b dated 17.11.23. This was enough to meet the printed matter rate only. The request for C.O.D. 75 Milliarden and 50 Million Marks fee should have been paid by the sender. This fact was missed by the post office and the shortfall noticed by the sorting office. Card was then returned to sender who then had to pay the missing 5 Milliarden Marks. This was paid and a franking of five Michel 325 P applied. These are dated 19.11.23. Mettmann arrival cancel applied on 21.11.23. with handwritten 23.11. in blue denoting day card was delivered. Perfect example showing the confusion at the time on who was responsible for paying certain fees.

Distance Postcard / Fernpostkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 5 Milliarden Marks.


Bottrup, OPD Münster - Essen EF Michel 333 P dated 16.11.23. this also being the first day of issue for this stamp. Single frankings of the 5 Milliarden overprints are only possible during this postal period of four days.


OPD München - Magdeburg with last day of rate machine cancel dated 19.11.23. advertising "Benutz die Luftpost", use the airmail post. Correct rate EF Michel 334 P.


Pirmasen, OPD München - ? with correct MEF Michel 331b dated 19.11.23. last day of rate.

Distance Letter / Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 10 Milliarden Marks.


OPD München - Kiel letter with machine cancel dated 19.11.23. last day of rate. This also being the first day of issue for this stamp Michel 335 P.


Bottrop, OPD Münster - Berlin commercial letter dated 19.11.23. last day of rate. With correct EF Michel 337. Overprint being misplaced to the right and with damaged figure "1".


Schweinitz, OPD Breslau - Berlin dated 19.11.23. last day of rate. Correct EF Michel 336 B was issued on 17.11. and so is only possible as EF during this period for three days as the rates changed on 20.11.23.

New earliest known date of use.

Amelinghausen, OPD Hamburg - Schlüchtern dated 17.11.23.with lilac boxed company arrival cancel dated 17.11.23.this now being the earliest known date of use for Mi.335 Wa.

Registered Distance Letter/ Einschreiben Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 20 Milliarden Marks.

Distance Letter : 10 Miliarden Marks.
Reg'Fee : 10 Milliarden Marks.


OPD Erfurt-Darnstadt Registered letter dated 16.11.23. this being first day of issue for the franked stamps, MEF Michel 337being the correct rate.

Express Distance Letter/ Eilfernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 30 Milliarden Marks.

Letter Fee: 10 Milliarden Marks.
Express Fee: 20 Milliarden Marks.


Oelde, OPD Münster - Berlin commercial express dated 19.11.23. Correct MEF Michel 336B with arrival cancel on reverse dated 20.11.23.

Foreign Letter / Auslandbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 40 Milliarden Marks.


OPD Frankurt- Barnsley, England with last day of rate cancel 19.11.23. Correct MEF Michel 334 A.


Datteln, OPD Münster - Jersey City, USA dated 19.11.23. last day of rate. Correct MEF Michel 336 P applied.

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