Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
Exhibition / Ausstellung. Hannover HABRIA Nov. 2011
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Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
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On 1 December a new currency was introduced, the Rentenpfennig thus effectively ending hyper-inflation. During this month all previous valid postage stamps could be used to make the postal rates at a fixed exchange rate of 1 Rpf = 10 Milliarden Marks. The old and new stamps could be used together or alone.

Printed Matter / Drucksache.

Rate:Porto: 3 RPf / 30 Milliarden Marks.


Nürnberg, OPD München - München postcard sent as printed matter on first day of rate, 1.12.23. Multiple franking of Mi 335 Wa


Bäumenheim, OPD Stuttgart - Lörrach printed matter cover dated 3.12.23. Correct MEF Michel 335 Wa.

Foreign Printed Matter / Auslanddrucksache.
2nd weight / 2.Gewicht 51-100g

Rate: Porto: 10Rpf / 100 Milliarden Marks.


Mannheim, OPD Stuttgart - Cincinatti USA foreign Drucksache, dated 11 Dec 1923. Bearing mixed franking of the old inflation stamps and the new Renten Pfennig currency design stamps. Correct rate of 100 Millarden / 10 Rpf applied.

Local Letter / Ortsbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 5Rpf / 50 Milliarden Marks


Mannheim, OPD Stuttgart local commercial letter dated 1.12.23. first day of rate. Correct MEF Michel 335 Wa.

Distance Postcard / Fernpostkarte.

Rate:Porto:- 5Rpf / 50 Milliarden Marks.


Ravensburg, OPD Stuttgart - München dated 2.12.23. Correct MiF with scarce use of Michel 335 B.


Correctly rated, 50 Miliarden / 5 Rpf card from Bingerbrück, OPD Frankfurt. Very late use of Mi 333 P and Mi 336 Wa dated 21.12.23.

Distance Letter / Fernbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 10 Rpf / 100m Milliarden Marks.


Wassenburg, OPD Münster - Unterwössen dated 3.12.23. Rate correct with MEF Michel 334. Damaged figure 5 on several stamps are characteristics of stamps from OPD Münster.


OPD München- Regensburg dated 5.12.23. Correct rate applied using MEF Michel 335 P.


Bad Homburg, OPD Frankfurt - ? dated 5.12.23. Corect rate with MiF pair Michel 333 P, vertical pair Mi 337, and non OPD stamps Mi 329 W & Mi 330.


OPD Frankurt - Köln commercial cover dated 2.12.23. MiF with scarce block of four 5/2 Milliarden, Michel 332 Wa and other Berlin issues non OPD stamps. Reverse bears further four copies of the 2 Milliarden Rosette non overprint stamps.This making up the correct postal rate.

Distance Letter/Fernbrief.
2nd weight/2. Gewicht 20-100g

Rate:Porto:- 20 Rpf/20 Milliarden Marks.


Altona, OPD Hamburg - Schleswig first day of rate 1.12.23. correct MEF Michel 336B . Lower right stamp on front from block of four has the Plattenfehler , "sprung im korbdeckel", (broken Rosette design).On the reverse second stamp down from left also has another Plattenfehler known as "PE 1" this being a broken lower left posthorn. Both these flaws can only be found on Plate printed stamps. Often hard to see and scarce when found on cover in combination with the stamps being rouletted perfs.

Distance Registered letter part cash paid.

Einschreiben Fernbrief mit Teilbar Frankatur.

Rate:Porto:- 30Rpf / 300 Milliarden Marks.


Registered cover from Uslar, OPD Hannover dated 2 Dec 1923 with postage made up with stamps and also partly cash paid. The pair of Mi 336 Wa A, only meet part of the total rate due. Therefore the balance of 280 Milliarden Marks / 28 Rpf was paid in cash. This is denoted by the Postal clerk with the boxed, "Bezahlt Bar" hand written script.

Registered Distance Letter
Einschreiben Fernbrief
Rate:Porto:- 30 Rpf / 300 Milliarden Marks.

Letter Fee /:10 Rpf / 100 Milliarden Marks.
Brief Gebühr
Reg'Fee : 20 Rpf / 200 Milliarden Marks


Chemnitz, OPD Leipzig - Breslau registered letter dated 12.12.23. Correct MiF with new currency stamps, OPD stamp Michel 337 and other non OPD Rosette design issues. Use of the new currency 20 Rpf stamp is not common.

Foreign Letter / Auslandbrief.

Rate:Porto:- 30Rpf / 300 Milliarden Marks


OPD Leipzig - Philadelphia, USA dated 23.12.23. Correct rate with MiF the new currency Rosette stamps and very late use of the Michel 334 P


OPD München - Zürich, Switzerland correct MiF with new currency stamp, overprinted OPD issues and non OPD Rosette design stamps.

Foreign Registered C.O.D./ Ausland Einschreiben Nachname.

Rate:Porto:- 65 Rpf / 650 Milliarden Marks.

Letter/ Brief : 30 Rpf / 300 Milliarden Marks.
Reg'Fee/Ein'. : 30 Rpf / 300 Milliarden Mark
C.O.D./Nachname : 5Rpf / 50 Milliarden Marks.


Würzburg, OPD Stuttgart - Skelgatan, Sweden dated 12.12.23. Postage applied totals 160 Milliarden Marks,(16Rpf) on reverse plus 5 Rpf on front making it slightly overfranked by 1Rpf. However letter was refused by addressee and returned to sender. Reverse bears Umea arrival cancel dated 16.12.23. and return cancel dated 3.1.24. Swedish postal label stating non delivery(Non Reclame) also applied.

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