Exhibition / Ausstellung. Hannover HABRIA Nov. 2011
Habria Exhibition Version 2
History and Background
Table of values from first OPD.
Table of values from second OPD.
Rates Table / Post Tarife
Period 18. 20 - 30 Sep 1923
Period 19. 1 - 9 Oct 1923
Period 20. 10 - 19 Oct 1923
Period 21. 20 - 31 Oct 1923
Period 22. 1 - 4 Nov 1923
Period 23. 5 - 11 Nov 1923
Period 24. 12 - 19 Nov 1923
Period 25. 20.- 25 Nov 1923
Period 26. 26 - 30 Nov 1923
Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
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Parcelcard / Paketkarte.
2nd weight up to 5Kg/ 2.Gewicht bis 5Kg.
Zone B 76-375 Km.

Rate:Porto:- 140 Milliarden Marks.


OPD Erfurt - ? Paketkarte weight 4,5Kg dated 21.11.23. Correct rate with MEF Mi 334 A

Paketkarten franked with OPD issues are scarce, more so from the latter postal periods.


Bolheim,OPD München - Mannheim 2nd weight 4,7Kg Paketkarte dated 22.11.23. Mannheim arrival cancel 23.11.23. Correct rate applied with MEF Michel 335 AWa

Foreign Letter / Ausland Brief.

Rate:Porto:- 80 Milliarden Marks


OPD Frankfurt - Olten, Switzerland dated 24.11.23. with correct rate MEF Michel 335 P


Magdeburg, OPD Erfurt - St Margerita, Genoa, Italy dated 25.11.23. last day of rate. Genova and St Margerita arrival cancels on reverse dated 28.11.23. Correct rate with MEF 335 Wa.


Apolda, OPD Erfurt - Copenhagen, Denmark with first day of rate cancel 20.11.23. Correct rate with MEF Michel 337.


Weimar, OPD Erfurt - St Gallen, Switzerland MiF correctly rated and dated 23.11.23. Black bar on first 10/50 stamp is caused by the cliche plate being set too low and thus part of the top margin,(Oberrand) can be seen.


OPD Leipzig - Berne, Switzerland with first day of rate cancel 20.11.23. An increase of 100% on the previous periods rate yet it would only last 6 days until rates would rise again. Correct MiF applied and all the Michel 333 P are Plattendruck as the Walzendruck did not appear until 23.11.23. Other 5 Milliarden stamp is Michel 327 B.

Foreign Letter / Ausland Brief.

2nd weight 21-40g / 2. Gewicht 21-40g
Rate:Porto:- 120 Milliarden Marks


OPD Frankurt - Stockholm, Sweden dated 23.11.23. Correct MEF Michel 336 P

Registered Foreign Letter/Einschreiben Auslandbrief.

4th weight up to 80g/ 4.Gewicht bis 80g
Rate:Porto:- 220 Milionen Marks.

Letter Fee 1st 20g/Briefe bis 20g: 80 Milliarden Marks
Each extra 20g/Jede weitere 20g :40 Milliarden Marks
Reg' Fee: Einschreiben: 20 Milliarden Marks


OPD München - Zürich, Switzerland. Dated 22.11.23. Correct rate applied. Franked with three different types of Oberrand. These being Michel 334 P type C, Michel 335 Wa 0'6'0/1'5'1 and 0'6'0/0'7'0. Exceptionally rare to find one let alone three Oberrand as the top margins were usually removed. The letter was inspected unsealed prior to posting as per postal regulations for registered mail at the time. Cover bears lilac München customs control cancels on front and reverse. Black, "56" cancel at front lower right is the custom inspectors number. Usually only found in lilac.


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