History and Background
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History and Background
Table of values from first OPD.
Table of values from second OPD.
Rates Table / Post Tarife
Period 18. 20 - 30 Sep 1923
Period 19. 1 - 9 Oct 1923
Period 20. 10 - 19 Oct 1923
Period 21. 20 - 31 Oct 1923
Period 22. 1 - 4 Nov 1923
Period 23. 5 - 11 Nov 1923
Period 24. 12 - 19 Nov 1923
Period 25. 20.- 25 Nov 1923
Period 26. 26 - 30 Nov 1923
Period 27. 1 - 31 Dec 1923
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On this page I'll discuss the history of my specialized area of the Ober Post Direktion, 1923.


What exactly is Oberpostdirektion ?
During the period of Germany's hyper-inflation, (24 August- 1 December 1923) the printing of stamps was initially done by the State printers, (Reichsdruckerei) in Berlin. At first older invalid stamps had to be overprinted to meet the ever increasing postal rates. But by the end of August 1923 the Reichsdruckerei could not cope with the demand and therefor authorized 11 regional directorates of post ,(Oberpostdirektion) to carry out local overprinting of stamps. Berlin supplied all the older stamp sheets which were to be overprinted and the cliche overprinting plates. This was meant to provide a uniform printing from each of the OPD's. The set up though varied from each OPD and specialists can identify from certain characteristics which stamps were issued by the the various OPD's.

The eleven OPD districts were, Breslau, Erfurt, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Königsberg, Leipzig, München, Münster, Stettin and Stuttgart. It is worth noting that not all the OPD's produced each of the new values.

The first OPD issues appeared on 20 September, 1923. In late November 1923 a nine day strike at the Reicksdruckerei saw the OPD's called upon again to overprint the new Rosette design stamps to meet the demand for postage stamps. The Rosette design stamps with new values and not overprinted had only started to appear mid October and by mid November these also had to be overprinted to meet spiraling postage rate increases. All Rosette design stamps overprinted with the new value are OPD issues, commonly refered to as the 2nd OPD Issue. These take the form of seven more stamps being overprinted yet producing only three new stamp values the 1 ,5 and 10 Milliarden Marks. The latter two are known to be with normal and rouletted perforations.

About Me

My name is Alec and I'm originally from Glasgow in Scotland. I'm married to Diane from Yorkshire and we now live about 30 miles East of London.
I'm a member of the Arge (study group) Infla-Berlin,(Germany), The Inflation Study Group ,(USA) and the Germany and Colonies Philatelic Society (UK). I started to specialize in the OPD issues in 2001 and the challenge to form a collection of these issues has been a challenging yet very rewarding one.


Distance poscard from Grävenwiesbach, OPD Frankfurt, with first day of rate cancel. Official first day of issue for this stamp Michel 289a is the 20.9.1923. However this card is possibly unique , due to the fact, that no other is recorded on having been used on this day. Supplies of this "deep purple" shade are not recorded as having been delivered by the OPD Frankfurt until 21.9.1923

German - English philatelic terms
Drucksache:Printed Matter
EF : Einzelfrankatur :- Single franking
MEF : Mehrfachfrankatur :- Multiple franking
MiF : Mischfrankatur :- Mixed Franking
O.P.D.: Oberpostdirektion :- Regional directorate of Post.
Oberrand: Top sheet margin
P : Plattendruck :- Flat plate printing
Plattenfehler: Plateflaw
Unterrand: Lower sheet margin
W : Walzendruck :- Rotary/Cylinder printing